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Next we would like to ask you to rate your experience with various technologies.

Please rate how experienced you are with single page app setups (Angular, Node, HTML5, CSS/SASS, Bootstrap)

1: little experience - 5: well versed

In detail: How experienced are you with AngularJS?

In detail: How experienced are you with Angular (2,4,5)

How would you rate your Typescript skills?

Unit testing Angular components and services?

Familiarity with Electron or Ionic?

If you have a profile on linkedin, please state the link.

Do you have a personal website or blog?

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If you don't have any public code, that's ok. It would be a chance to stand out right away.
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At the end we have some final questions. For us it's not just important to be good in tech, but also to be a good fit in the team in terms of personality.
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For example an awesome team, good communication or test driven development. Maybe just to work at home and have a flexible schedule?
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